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  • Go Red for Pentecost

    Go Red for Pentecost? Who came up with that title for the e-news??? The liturgical color for Pentecost Day is red. Some churches encourage members to wear red on the Sunday of Pentecost. The paraments will be red on the altar. The pastor wears a red stole. Why red? Red is one of the colors of fire. Red is one of the colors of life (as in blood). Red is used as the color of the Holy Spirit in the church. It is used to signify call, even the call to live out our Christian lives in community. I recently wore a black and yellow smiley face tie to worship. My friend Phyllis asked, "How many obnoxious ties do you have?" I responded, "Not enough." But I do have a Pentecost tie in reds with tongues of flames on it. My wife, always a purveyor of good taste, allows me to wear it on Pentecost and on Pentecost only because it is one of my favorite "obnoxious" ties. But it does reflect the Spirit of God burning in my heart. As we approach Pentecost, how are you fanning the Spirit's flames in your lives? Are you "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord!"? Or are you "they hid for fear of the Jews?" The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and emboldened them to spread the Good News. In baptism, the Holy Spirit came to us to embolden us to live in God's ways and to declare his glory among the nations. Go Red for Pentecost? I should say!!!

  • R.E.A.L. Faith is a Real World: The Example of Abraham and Sarah

    Greetings, fellow disciples. As you are likely aware, we are in the process of bidding godspeed to a valued colleague in ministry. We celebrate all of the energy, vitality, and vulnerability that Pastor Katie has shared with us over the past six years. I’ve truly appreciated her willingness to help us consider new alternatives, advocate for social justice, and engage the young people of our congregation with ministries to which they are can easily relate. We’ve been blessed by both her comfort and her challenging. Let’s give thanks for them as we wish her well in her new ministry! We will surely miss her presence! The Visioning Council is planning a special farewell potluck and celebration for Pastor Katie after worship on Sunday, August 14th. Gilled burgers and hot dogs will be provided; members are encouraged to bring a dish to pass. We’ll begin preparing for this event starting this Sunday; so come ready to contribute to a special hand-crafted creation that we can share with her on the 14th! Meanwhile, the Council is looking to fall and the launch of a new program year. We are in real need of timely input into what we are all willing to invest. Hard copy surveys were recently mailed to all parents of Sunday School age children, “Club 56” (grades 5-6) youth, confirmation age youth, and high schoolers. Your feedback is sought by NEXT MONDAY (Aug. 8) if at all possible. Either complete and mail yours back when it arrives, complete a copy at church this weekend, or use this link. It is on our website on the children's ministry page, the youth ministry page, and on the Resource page. It should be very easy for anyone to complete this survey. It’s really critical that we hear back from all families involved as we can make the best decisions possible! Thanks in advance! As for worship this weekend, we’re going to focus on the timely topic of being able and willing to step out in faith once again, following the examples of Abraham and Sarah, and so, so many of our ancestors in God’s family! The Letter to the Hebrews highlights their examples. We’ll use it as our “launchpad” for our joint exploration. Join us at 9:00 a.m.! Remember to pray for both Richard and Pastor Katie, who will be each heading to Columbus next week to participate in our triennial churchwide assembly. We have been praying for the Assembly each week in the Pop-up Prayers using petitions prepared by the ELCA for that purpose. Safe journeys to all involved! Your brother in Christ, Pastor Tim

  • R.E.A.L. Faith in a Real World: Liberating Love

    Dear Friends, My brain is still in youth mission trip mode! That means it's a bit fuzzy but focused on the tasks in front of me. It was a mountaintop week of 24/7 with the team of amazing, gracious, and hard-working youth. I am proud of them. You would be proud of them as well. “Let them give thanks to you, LORD, for your steadfast love and your wonderful works for all people.” Psalm 107:8 This team of youth – they got it and they shared with all their hearts God’s purpose for the week. Together we served our resident, Francine, not only by the work we provided her, but by being in a loving and trusting relationship with her and alongside of her. One without the other is meaningless; but both together is life changing meaningfulness. I would say the greatest challenge of the week was NOT the 90+ temps with high humidity, the reality of the condition of the home we were working on without a sustainable roof, the 30-foot ladders that didn’t come close to reaching the top floor, the cafeteria food, the air-mattresses, the limited showers, and so on. The real challenge was the strength to love one another each day without looking over our shoulders to see what “the others” were not doing – aka – youth from other communities on our same work crew who simply did not come to work. We are called to love one another so that the light (in this case, the painting of a home in the center of Toledo, Ohio) shines the light of Jesus. “Whoever is wise will ponder these things, and consider well the LORD’s steadfast love.” Psalm 107:43 You, my beloved friends, are loved now and forever by a God who loves first, loves forever, and invites, encourages, and commands that we love one another. By now, you have received notice that I have accepted a new call to First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids. I am thankful for the opportunity to share God’s love with you and you with me. See you in worship! Peace, Pastor Katie

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  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - North Liberty, IA

    WELCOME TO GET TO KNOW US PRAYER REQUESTS LISTEN/WATCH VBS / DAY CAMP MAKE A GIFT YOUTH YOUTH MINISTRY CHILDREN'S MINISTRY ADULTS ADULT MINISTRY MINISTRY GROUPS SERVING & SHARING SERVE EVENTS About Announcements for the week of June 4 , 2023 Learn more about ELCA resources and beliefs Learn More Holy Trinity is a vibrant ELCA congregation in Johnson County, Iowa. All are welcome and invited to call Holy Trinity their church home. When we say, all are welcome, we mean all - no exceptions, qualifications, or asterisks. As a community we are committed to be authentic, safe, and intentional as we grow in our relationship with God and with one another. ​ We worship on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Throughout the school year, we also have a Wednesday evening worship at 6:30 p.m. The second Wednesday of June, July, and August, we'll gather outside at 7:00 p.m. by the campfire for worship. Worship is offered via Facebook Live at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Any updates can be found on our Worship Services page. On-demand recorded worship is always available on our Worship Services page. Join us for Small Groups and Ministry Events: There are many opportunities to get involved at Holy Trinity. All opportunities are found in the banner at the top of the site. ABOUT US Want to learn more about events at Holy Trinity? See Events

  • Worship Services | Holy Trinity

    Worship Services We gather for worship on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Throughout the summer, we'll meet for outdoor worship by the campfire on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. We would love to see you! Want to worship online? Join us on Facebook Live a t 9:00 a.m. on Sundays for worship. Services are posted here for on-demand viewing typically by 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. If there is an error in uploading a worship video, they will be viewable on https://www.fa . HTLC YOUTUBE Channel Worship Services Play Video Play Video 01:04:32 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, May 28 Play Video Play Video 01:14:12 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, May 21 Play Video Play Video 01:05:17 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, May 14 Play Video Play Video 01:13:04 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, May 7 Play Video Play Video 01:06:12 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, April 30 Play Video Play Video 01:11:38 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, April 23 Play Video Play Video 01:07:15 Holy Trinity Sunday Worship, April 16 Play Video Play Video 01:08:51 Holy Trinity Easter Worship 2023 Play Video Play Video 46:23 Holy Trinity Good Friday Worship 2023 Load More

  • Resources | Holy Trinity

    CALENDAR Holy Trinity's calendar for the month. DOWNLOAD> Newsletter Everything that is happening at Holy Trinity this month! DOWNLOAD> Church Center app Download the Church Center App to access key components of Holy Trinity. DOWNLOAD> Council Minutes An overview of the most recent council meeting. REQUEST> Mental Health Resource Document A resource document to learn more about the Mental Health Advocacy Team and resources available to all. DOWNLOAD> Welcome ministries handbook Fellowship, Greeters, Ushers, Acolytes, and Altar Guild Handbook. (Please check with office for details. ) Annual Report The Annual Report of calendar 2022 is ready and available upon request. REQUEST> Youth Ministries' Parent/Helper Survey For Sunday School (3-year-old to 4th grade), Club 56 (grades 5 and 6), Confirmation (grades 7 and 8), and High School Wednesday Gatherings. DOWNLOAD>

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