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  • Come Alive! Why It Is Okay to Ask Questions

    Dear Friends, What have you noticed in the past few days that seems to have COME ALIVE? · The grass or budding trees in your yard and neighborhood? · You have attended an outdoor sporting event or a concert? · Maybe you went outside in the warming spring air and spent time with family or friends for the first time in what seems like, forever. In the past year collectively, I think it is fair to say we have longed for, ached for, grumbled at, or maybe survived a year of being inside and feeling a little less than, well, alive. Recently, I experienced joy when I got my two vaccine shots! The vaccine clinic is like one big cheering section! They get it! This is hope. This is recovery. This is coming ALIVE. But I want the fullness of the story, for it indeed gives me hope! I want to feel safe to share there have been times when I, maybe we, have been afraid, ill, worried, hurting, and missing our freedom, our family, and friends. We may have even asked, “God, where are you?” In the Gospel of John 20:19-31, we hear the story of the disciples, the followers of Jesus in the very early church. On the evening of the Third Day, the Day we call Easter, they weren’t shouting for joy; they were afraid and locked in a room behind closed doors. Even after Mary runs to tell them that Jesus isn’t in the tomb and that Jesus has appeared to her and tells her “Don’t be afraid,“ they are terrified. Then Jesus appears to them. They don’t ask anything of Jesus, and yet he knows what is most likely on their mind. Jesus shows them his hands and side. He says, “Peace be with you.” We continue with this reading and the story of “Doubting Thomas.” Many of us were taught in Sunday School that the point of the story is simply, we shouldn’t be like Thomas we should believe in Jesus without having to “see Jesus” with our own eyes. I’m wondering what would happen if, instead of prohibiting questions, we experience the fullness of the story? What if we could allow ourselves to wonder, to think of our own journey of faith, and pause and remind ourselves and one another that it is a journey that goes on and on? How would our lives be if we opened up and shared that somedays we are hurting, fearful, and simply not feeling, well, not o.k? What if we believed this to be true: that our God, without skipping a beat, says, “Peace be with you?” In our passage, we hear that God loves us so much that God, once again, breathed into the disciples then and into us today. I’m wondering, what if instead of titling this passage in scripture, “Doubting Thomas” it is titled, “Thomas is loved. Thomas is safe to ask questions. Thomas’ faith grows. Thomas’ heart is transformed, forever.” What if this chapter is about your own journey and it titled, “God has faith in you” or simply, “You are so loved by the God who made you, loved you first, and loves you forever?” How would that message fill your heart, so that you too, come alive?! God’s embrace, mercy, and compassion are our sanctuary. We are beloved by God. We are made new each and every day. Our hearts are transformed. Oh, how lovely is it to “come alive!” Blessings to you always, Pastor Katie

  • Come Alive!

    Holy Week Greetings from our entire staff, who have been working diligently with some truly hearty volunteers to make this season a rich and memorable one! As we take time to ponder God’s faithfulness to us over the long season of this pandemic, I hope that we can approach these sacred days with a new sense of humility and appreciation. I know I need to! I invite you to join us a few remaining aspects of this week: 1) Good Friday Tenebrae virtual worship is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tonight and will be available on demand via the website. 2) We will be offering the Holy Week Prayer Walk through three stations on site, focused on “Centering, Confessing, and Communing” using a self-guided approach between the hours of 4:00-8:00 p.m. tonight (April 2) and again from 9:00-10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (April 3). If you’ve been yearning to experience Holy Communion in person, this is a great opportunity to do so! 3) A 20-minute Children’s video is available on our website that complements the kits that were hand-delivered last week. You can walk through the entire week’s events with your younger child. Take advantage of this resource featuring both of your pastors! 4) Festive EASTER worship celebrating the “Seventh Story” will be premiered on Facebook at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday! Be sure to savor this offering of choral music, fresh anthems, and some familiar faces this Sunday! 5) A short, informal fellowship time via Zoom is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. this Sunday immediately following the Premier of the Easter service on Facebook. Join us through this fellowship link. 6) Sign-up for our upcoming “Next Steps” series starting Monday, April 12, at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom is needed soon! Join Pastor Tim for three weeks of conversation exploring your questions, curiosities and stories of faith, even as you meet others and learn more about opportunities at Holy Trinity! E-mail me at to join in. You can find a link to the Next Steps sessions here. We will soon be seeking individuals to sign up for additional worship assistant roles as we move back to limited in-person Sunday worship. Don’t be shy! Many hands will still be needed for us to do what we’d like to do and to be what we are called to be! Watch next week’s Friday E-blast for the details! Sharing the Hope (and Work) of Resurrection! Pastor Tim

  • Holy Week: The Ultimate Us & Them

    Dear Friends, My favorite week of the whole year is Holy Week. As a child, it meant that we got to, yes, got to go to church a lot. I loved going to worship and listening to the music. As a parent with young children, I often thought Holy Week was a lot of juggling little ones on my hip. Over the years as our children grew, I worried about my teenagers and what were they experiencing. It seemed their life lessons were less about Holy Week and what Jesus did for them and a lot more about giving up a rehearsal or practice to go to worship instead. I wonder how my parents made this time of worship so special? I wondered, "What have I passed along to my children and the children I have shepherded?" I think my parents made Holy Week special because they were “all in.” They read stories out of the Bible, worshipped with us, and even did the goofy activities and crafts with us. They made Holy Week more than a memory; they made it a part of the foundation of my own faith. Looking back, in my own home, with my children now grown, the lesson that has stuck the most is the baking of the Easter Cookies and the walk step by step through Holy Week. What do you remember as a child? What do you long for children of all ages to know this Holy Week more than ever before? In a world where we are on “sides,” we wonder what are we learning about one another. In a world that seems to be screaming or even killing one another out of anger, what message of hope do you want your children and children’s children to remember? My hope is they know that Jesus knew exactly what it means to be “US vs THEM.” In our final weeks of the 7th Story by Brian McLaren and Gareth Higgins, we struggle with the hatred and violence of US vs THEM – even if it means – to kill the “THEM” out of anger, distrust, frustration, or simply out of hatred. Jesus knew this violence of the mobs and said there is another way, God’s gift of grace. Children will learn what we teach them by what we value, engage in, talk about, and even fight for. Children will learn who we love, care about, have compassion for, and who we are as followers of Jesus Christ, especially how we act when they aren’t watching. What are we teaching them about God’s gift of grace? Join us this Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Morning to hear a God-sized message of hope that you are loved and forgiven, forever. And all God’s people shout out, AMEN Pastor Katie

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  • Coronavirus Update (COVID-19) | Holy Trinity

    Covid-19 update April 9, 2021 Update IN-PERSON WORSHIP IS ON THE HORIZON--WITH YOUR HELP Our staff and council are working diligently to welcome you to gathering in person at Holy Trinity – with plenty of safety measures in effect. Our process looks like this: ​ We need individuals to sign up for worship assistant roles on the Sign-up Genius link found in your Friday email. It will require many new and experienced hands to gather, so let’s together make this happen! We have an accessible, shaded, and newly designated space for that purpose! Weather permitting, come check it out anytime between 9:00-10:30 a.m. This will continue during subsequent weeks. No advance notice required. On Sunday, April 18, weather-permitting, we will be offering a chance to gather together outside for fellowship and refreshments. ​ On Sunday, April 25, we will gather in the sanctuary for worship and Holy Communion at two services of up to 25 families each . Worship times will be and 8:30 a.m. 9:45 a.m . Masking and spacing are required, yet families can sit together. Movement will be minimized to help ensure a safe space for all and fellowship will be outside only. We strongly encourage advance sign-up for these services in order to best assure that we can honor space constraints. Register online today! If you have any challenges or questions, please reach out to the office at 319-665-2200. ​ Through this process, we hope to establish a rhythm that can extend through the summer months, yet we hope that you’ll understand if we need to adjust one segment for the sake of the whole. We plan to continue an online worship offering as well, currently on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. on Facebook or anytime on our . Watch for more details moving forward on how to connect in that way. worship services page See you soon! Fall 2020 U pdate: With the implications of COVID-19 now clearer than ever, we’ve needed to maintain our prior diligence with regard to in-person programming. But as both the arrival of available vaccines begin to spread, we hope that you’ll make a point of resurrecting a practice of Sunday a.m. worship! Join us on FB Live each Sunday at 9:00 a.m. until the day arrives when we restore our in-person options! ​ As awareness continues to unfold in our community relative to the spread of COVID 19, our staff and leaders are monitoring CDC recommendations closely, listening and praying constantly, and making decisions for the well-being of all, as best we can. We are doing what we can to balance all concerns and heed the experts around us. ​ ow that our staff and leadership have been working diligently and with an abundance of caution and courage to help us: Please kn “Be the church” in all of the ways we can imagine during this crisis Serve, protect, and be sensitive to the most vulnerable in our midst and in the community as a whole. Practice life together according to CDC and WHO guidelines Worship, grow, fellowship and serve together using online resources Plan for a phased process of eventual regathering Our Phased process includes four immediate components: Use of and access to church offices and ministry areas. Gatherings of groups from within and beyond the congregation, other than weekly worship. Initial attempts to gather outdoors for worship, while broadcasting to cars in the lot, hosting a weekly “live” Zoom broadcast and continuing to offer a recorded service available anytime. Eventually, a step toward indoor worship, albeit with restrictions for size, distancing, singing, and other aspects ​ Our Current Criteria relative to Phasing is as follows: To be prepared for and implemented when: The number of new cases and COVID-19 deaths have both declined for at least 14 days until it reaches a threshold of perceived insignificance. (Phases 2 & 3) The number of new cases and COVID-19 deaths have both declined for at least 35 days until it reaches a threshold of perceived insignificance. (Phase 4) Rapid diagnostic testing capacity is sufficient to test, at minimum, all people with COVID-19 symptoms, including mild cases, as well as their close contacts and those in essential roles. (Phases 2-4) The health care system is able to safely care for all patients, including providing appropriate personal protective equipment for health care workers. (Phases 2-4) While we want to and look forward to gathering together physically as much as anyone, we will still encourage those most vulnerable or at risk of contracting or spreading the infection to remain in isolation and worship from home, or to worship within their vehicles when that is an option. We miss you! Join us in any way you are able in the meantime! a message from our leadership As we work our way through temporary inconveniences for the sake of the health of all, we remind you that “church” is not where we go once each week, it's who we ARE. Together, as Church, we will pray and sing and carry each other along as well as our most vulnerable friends and neighbors, trusting in the mercy of God and in the desire for the well-being of all creation. Meanwhile, your continued support of the developing needs of our local ministries as well as our shared mission here are both appreciated, as you are able, in these times! Offerings can still be made electronically through the Vanco link on our website or by a check mailed to the office. Thank you for all the ways you are being Church both inside and outside our building. Stay tuned as we continue to update you about events, and don't hesitate to call with your questions. ​ Together in Christ, The Holy Trinity Visioning Council, Pastors, and Staff Let’s pray… Lord, in these trying and challenging times, help us to be mindful of our own fragility and that of our neighbors. As we seek to be good citizens and neighbors, teach us to lean on our faith, to refrain from oversimplifying or complicating the issues at hand, to practice grace, and to look for ways to be your hands, feet, and voice in the meantime. We ask your presence with all public servants and those on the front lines of responding to the current crisis. Help us to do our part – no matter how small that may seem to be. May Christ guide us in all our efforts. In Jesus’ name, Amen Ministries Our children’s, youth, and adult small group ministries are gathering and providing resources in various ways! Please visit the banner under ‘Ministries’ for videos and more information on specific ministries. Resources Taking care of your behavioral health Talking to children about COVID-19 How to make a face mask without sewing

  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - North Liberty, IA

    WELCOME TO HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH GET TO KNOW US PRAYER REQUESTS LISTEN/WATCH REGISTER FOR WORSHIP YOUTH ADULTS SERVING & SHARING YOUTH MINISRTY CHILDREN'S MINISTRY ADULT MINISTRY MINISTRY GROUPS SERVE EVENTS Learn more about ELCA resources and beliefs Learn More Holy Trinity is a vibrant ELCA congregation in Johnson County, Iowa. All are welcome and invited to call Holy Trinity their church home. When we say, all are welcome, we mean all - no exceptions, qualifications, or asterisks. As a community we are committed to be authentic, safe, and intentional as we grow in our relationship with God and with one another. ​ ​ Worship is offered via Facebook Live at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Any updates will be posted on our page. Worship Services On-demand recorded worship is always available on our page. Worship Services Join us for Small Groups & Ministry Events: There are many opportunities to get involved at Holy Trinity. All opportunities are found in the banner at the top of the site. ABOUT US Want to learn more about events at Holy Trinity? See Events

  • Worship | Holy Trinity

    ​ WORSHIP WITH HOLY TRINITY Out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19, our on-site worship services have been on hold. We have an online service via Facebook at Sundays at 9 a.m. In addition, you can view services anytime on our Worship Services tab. Starting Sunday, April 25, we will be gathering in person for worship weekly in the sanctuary at 8:30 and 9:45 a.m. Pre-registration, masks, and social distancing will be required. Register today! Worship Registration WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT WORsHIP Kassie a. - Member "Worship at Holy Trinity means a chance for our family to step away from the busyness of day to day life and deepen our faith together." Else s. - Member "For me, worship at Holy Trinity means celebrating God's love and grace through worship, learning, and fellowship with people of all ages and backgrounds." Rebecca p. - member "Worship is how we let God know we love and trust him, and Holy Trinity makes it clear that we can love and trust God always!"

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