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Church Center by Planning Center is the fastest way to get information about Holy Trinity, pre-check your children for Sunday School, browse and join groups, and register for events.  

The app is free and also available online. Simply search for Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in the app, select us to join, login with your phone number or email, and then explore! 

All of our small groups, ministry teams, focus groups, etc. will be available to join or learn about in the "groups" tab. Any event at Holy Trinity will be posted as well so you have access to all of the details and can register if need be. Payment is also accepted through the Church Center app for any necessary fees for events. For safety purposes, children are checked-in to all events via the Church Center app or our laptop at our welcome center. To check in for an event, simply check who you are checking in, hit next, and then scan your automated QR code at the welcome center. A name tag and security label will print for all who are checked in. The parent/guardian will keep the security label for pick-up to ensure the child is picked up safely! We are always ready to help with any questions you have about check-in or registration. 

We hope that the Church Center app opens new doors for our congregation and newcomers to all of the opportunities at Holy Trinity! Download today!

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