Where do I park?

  • Parking is available on-site

  • Overflow parking is also available in the cul-de-sac down the street (to our west)

What if I'm late?

Ushers can help you if you arrive late for a service. You are welcome to be seated at any time in the service, and you can sit anywhere – seats are not assigned in any fashion.

What about children and worship? 

Children are especially welcome among us in worship!  In fact, we encourage the multi-generational environment that worship allows. 

COVID-19 guideline- children will remain with adult and family.

Where do I go when I get there?

  • There are two main entrances to the church. The first is the set of double-doors you see when you first pull into the lot. These doors are the closest to the handicapped parking spaces, the offices, & the nursery.

  • A second main entrance is either of the two adjacent visible doors on the southwest side of the building. These enter into our Fellowship space, and are closest to the sanctuary and restrooms.

  • An usher or greeter will be there to welcome and assist you. 

What time do I need to arrive?

*Note: the worship services are available anytime on our worship services page. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.


Services begin Sundays at 8:30 & 9:45 a.m. We host an outdoor fellowship time between 9-10:30 a.m. During Advent and Lent, Wednesday worship is also at 6:30 p.m. It’s a great idea to arrive a few minutes early, simply to allow time to center yourself for worship. 

What's the dress code?

Can I take Communion, even if I am not a member of Holy Trinity?

We are thrilled that you're joining us and want you to be more focused on the service than what you're wearing. In the summertime, it's not uncommon to see people wearing sandals, shorts, and a shirt. Others prefer to still put on their "Sunday best," and that's fine too! Most individuals tend to dress in respectful casual attire.

We think you'll fit in no matter how you dress.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. You don’t have to be Lutheran, a member of Holy Trinity, or even a member of any church, for that matter. There is also no age requirement. 

At Holy Trinity, we share communion at each Sunday service every week. While you are welcome to refrain from participating, those who wish to commune will be invited to come forward to receive the host (gluten-free bread) from the presiding pastor and take a small, filled glass of wine offered by an assistant. Pre-packaged communion is available for those not feeling comfortable coming forward.

Are all services the same?

Both Sunday services are the same. When held, Wednesday service tends to be a bit shorter and more informal.

what happens after worship?

Join us for a time of fellowship with a complimentary coffee, tea, juice, fruit, and baked goods. It’s a great time to introduce yourself to others and to ask any questions you’d like.

HOw do I check my child into sunday school?

Child care remains on pause due to

COVID precautions. 


When you arrive for an event, you will be asked to check-in at our welcome center. We will gladly assist you if you are joining us for the first time. All children must be registered for events and ministries. Some basic information will be recorded in our database to maintain the secure check-in system. We utilize the Church Center app to expedite our check-in process. You can use this weekly to check-in your children by selecting who you are checking in, and then scanning the automated QR code at the welcome center.


Your child will receive a new name tag every week that has a security code that corresponds with a ticket for the parent or guardian to keep and is requested upon pick-up. To ensure children's safety, we will make sure the security codes match at the time of pick-up. 

What is worship like?

Typical worship service includes: 

  • A gathering song, centering praise, and opening prayer

  • A conversation with children

  • The reading of a primary Scripture passage

  • A sermon

  • Prayers of the church and intercessions for those in special need

  • An opportunity to respond with an offering of gifts

  • Holy Communion

  • A final sending song and invitation to fellowship

Whether worship is online or in person, we gather together. 

Worship services and songs are projected on large screens. Hymn-helps are also available. Everyone, including visitors, are invited to share the peace of Christ by greeting one another during worship and before Holy Communion. Currently, we are not shaking hands as a safety precaution. 

What if i have questions about god?

At Holy Trinity it's always okay to wonder. In fact, there are no dumb questions or thoughts about God that are "off limits." We want to meet each person where they are, but also not hold anyone back either. With those two concerns in mind, we are available to answer your questions or just lend an ear to your needs. Please let us know how we can help.

Other questions?

The church office is usually open Monday- Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and often later, depending on the day. One of our staff will be happy to answer your question or direct you to someone who can.