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Come Home

It’s hard to believe that Advent is just around the corner. It will begin Sunday, November 28th, with an initial dive into this year’s theme: “Come Home.”

Together, we’ll reflect on the words of the Hebrew prophets, Jesus, and the Apostle Paul to explore what it might mean to come home to love, to joy, to peace, and to hope.

We will worship together and we will serve the broader needs of the community each Wednesday night as we assemble furniture for Houses into Homes and engage in projects for the North Liberty Food Pantry and Clothing Bank, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, and Safe Families. It promises to be a season rich with possibilities!

And as in past years, we have several “Giving Trees” displayed with additional opportunities to share “Good Gifts” that honor not only the recipient, but others in need of our compassion throughout the world. I hope that you’ll be a part!

I give thanks to all who have helped us assemble and light up our trees indoors and out and for those who have generously shared their “Faith Promise” to date! In fact, fifty-one families have now pledged $223,382 toward our 2022 Ministry Fund. Because our anticipated budget is estimated at this time to be around $350,000, we still have a way to go. We’re hoping that the remaining 100 families will respond this week, such that our Visioning Council can do their work as faithfully as possible. The more they know, the less they have to assume, and the more ministry can be planned.

Let’s look forward to the possibilities that Advent invites us into! See you in worship!

Pastor Tim

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