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For Our Sake, Every Good Gift Is from Above

Finally! After returning to worship and the office last week, I was immediately hit with a case of vertigo which left me unable to stand, balance, focus, or read for much of last week. Thankfully, a discipline of some physical therapy has since done wonders; I feeling at least 95% back and incredibly thankful for the healing that has occurred.

It’s a fresh Sunday and we’re continuing our “For Our Sake” theme with a two-week focus on the Letter of James. As many of you may recognize, James was not among Luther’s favorite Scriptures, as it didn’t have enough emphasis on grace for his taste. While James’s urging of “good works” may have little to do with our justification in God’s eyes, it has plenty of application in regards to how we respond to being “saved” and what we believe.

‘Be doers of the Word, and not only hearers,” is the way that the letter puts it. I certainly appreciate the author’s focus on integrity when it comes to living the gospel. Yet, as we’ll explore further this Sunday, it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that characterizes our witness.

We’ve all been around others who may take a stand for what they feel is right, yet do so in a way that is more off-putting than encouraging. Our task, if James were to speak to us afresh today, is to not only respond to the grace in which we stand, but to do so as “grace-fully” as possible. Let’s see if we can explore how that might happen together this Sunday! See you in worship at 8:30 or 9:45!

Meanwhile, our need for worship assistants remains great at this time. If you haven’t already visited the Sign-up Genius link below to offer your assistance, please do so today! Liturgy is indeed “the work of the people.” Let’s make that evident in our service this Sunday!

Sharing the Mission,

Pastor Tim

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