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Philippians 3 - Building Community

Dear Friends,

My heart soars after an evening of youth ministry! After many years of Wednesday Night Ministry, I can truly say, I love being a pastor!

Last night, we started with the evening with Club 56 students. It is the first time we really focused a ministry on the kids who are in between elementary and Confirmation ministry. We want them to experience small group ministry and be ready to jump in when they start Confirmation. Club 56 students closed the evening by making a bonfire with Pastor Tim for High School Students. We had almost 20 High School Students standing around outside sharing their joys and challenges. All the while, I was hosting Confirmation Ministry via Zoom with another 20+ students!

The energy, the fellowship, the awkwardness infused with the authentic and sincere compassion for one another is holy ground. These students as they gather together – they are the church.

But it isn’t only the youth who are being community together. On Tuesday Mornings, a new small group called, Agape, is now gathering via Zoom or as a very small group in the sanctuary for prayer, fellowship, and study. Everyone is welcome to join in. If you have been holding back to join in because of technology, we can walk with you and make you feel at ease!

There are so many groups that are meeting in a variety of ways. Maybe it is crafting together in the garage, or connecting on the driveway, patios, screened back porches, on zoom, on Facetime, or one of many ways via social media. We are being the church! It is the individuals who serve donated baked items, lend a helping hand at the food pantries, help clear debris and clean up after the storms up north, donate blood, pray for a friend or stranger. This is you and I. This is us being the church.

But it takes intentionality. It takes creating a space in your day or week when you give God and your neighbor your undivided attention. It takes consistent effort and engagement with all of your brothers and sisters in Christ that you know and the ones you have yet to meet.

Where am I going with this? Well, in a world of chaos – some good and some downright ugly, there is this place, this community, this group of people. We are the imperfect, but faithful, church. In a world of changes, how can we continue to lift up the message of hope that Jesus loves you and me? How can you and I intentionally be the church, God’s Church in the here and now?

In a world where we long for what was church, we are seeing the church find new ways to do what we were created to do for thousands upon thousands of years: to be in relationship with God and to be in relationship with one another.

If you are longing to be in community, check out the newsletter article by Pastor Tim and Pastor Katie regarding Community Groups. Or contact Pastor Katie about joining a group. Or reach out right now with a text, a call, or a card with someone who longs to know that they belong to this community called Church.

Pastor Katie

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