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R.E.A.L. Faith in a Real World: Seventy and Naaman

Sunday's lessons are about the fierce warrior Naaman (2 Kings 5) and the sending of the seventy (Luke 11). Both stories about about people do great things. But both stories are also about people doing simple things.

For Naaman, it is the simple act of washing in the full faith the God can perform the miracle he so desperately seeks. Afterall, Naaman could do mighty acts, but he found it hard to do the simple act. Sometimes God doesn't need us to go out and save the whole world. Sometimes God needs us to go do the simple tasks he sets before us and allow those simple acts change lives.

For the seventy, they were simply sent. Some of them accomplished great deeds. Some of them simply set a household at peace. I'm getting to know a little bit about peace as this is the word my wife chose for her Epiphany word and it is her contemplation word all this year. Peace is elusive. Yet this simple gift when I receive it does so much to focus me back on WWJD (What would Jesus do).

Pastor Tim will help us in connecting some of the space between Naaman and the Seventy on Sunday or next Wednesday. We can be the great warriors who are simply sent to accomplish simple tasks like peace or reassuring one another of the love of God for each of us, the precious children.

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