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Stories to Tell: Giftedness

I can’t begin to understand the story of my giftedness for ministry without noting the influence of other brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the persistent planting of the seed to consider pursuing ordination by a host of pastors I worked with in outdoor ministry over several summers, I surely would not be serving as one of your pastors today. Thankfully, “ministry” takes a host of forms that go far beyond that of a pastor. This weekend, we find ourselves at the pinnacle of our “Stories to Tell/Gifts to Share” series as we reflect on many of the stories we’ve heard from members in recent weeks (also found on our website in case you missed them!) and the ways in our experiences in and through Holy Trinity have furthered the mission of Christ. First, November 14 is “Commitment Sunday,” when you’re challenged and encouraged to bring forward your “Faith Promise” you’ve been praying over, offering it as an act of worship. These commitments have proven to be essential to ministry, consistently providing over 90% of the income upon which we carry out our ministry. As we’ve noted, this next year will likely prove to be particularly challenging, so it’s essential that we all put our “best feet forward!”. Please share yours in a timely way so that our Visioning has the very best information in crafting an initial proposed ministry budget for 2022. If you’re unable to make it to worship in person, drop your card in the mail this week, if you would! It makes all the difference in determining what we can do! We’re going to be focusing on “spiritual gifts” this Sunday and the unique ways in which God has designed and equipped each of us for playing a vital role in God’s story! We’ll be sharing conversation with Angie Weiler, who has helped us focus on gift discernment as an important element in our ministry together. I’m intrigued about that dialog and hope that you may find it to be a refreshing and grace-filled approach to discerning how you might best serve as Christ’s disciple! I’m humbled by a spirit of Thanksgiving in this season of gratitude. I am thankful for each of you for the ways in which you love and serve your neighbors both within and beyond the congregation. I regard it as a high honor to share this journey of faith with you. Thank you for risking the vulnerability required to do so! Hope to see you Sunday (or Wednesday)! Pastor Tim

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