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The October 14 Post Someone Forgot to Post

Dear Friends,

In my very first seminary class, my professor was teaching in front of a crowded room and I was taking it all in. Out of the blue, she said something like, "See, Katie wears a cross." All eyes went directly on me. I quickly put my hand to my neck and covered the small golden cross that I had worn for years. My face went hot, my cheeks red, and I looked up at her with shock. Had I done something wrong by wearing a cross in a seminary? As she continued to teach, it became clear that she was in the midst of a teachable moment, not at my expense, but to get the class to focus on our intentions.

Her lesson was on intentional discipleship. She taught about how Jesus' life and death wasn't then, nor it is now, a transaction for our lives. A life with Jesus isn't about fame and power; it is about a heart that is transformed to live like Jesus.

She concluded her lesson by asking me why I wore the cross. I replied "When someone looks at it, it is a cross. But when I turn it up at me, it is the letters J and C, for Jesus Christ. It reminds me to whom I belong." If I had been able to think it through, I would have added that wearing my cross is a reminder to strengthen and humble me. I respond to a hurting world with courage and conviction that I am saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. I am loved and forgiven forever.

Our Scripture for this weekend is Mark 10:35-45. This passage talks about knowing Jesus, following Jesus, and ultimately having a heart like Jesus for our neighbor. That has been our journey together for the past several weeks of "God's Word, Our Hands." I want to challenge you and me to go beyond the limited sermon series and ask ourselves daily: "To whom do I belong?" How will my neighbor know by my response to the hurts and joys of each day that Jesus is at the center of my world always (Mark 10:43-45)?

We ask just as the disciples did: "What can I do?" We have provided for you in the newsletter, our bulletins, our website, and in the decór inside the building many ways to respond to the needs of our community. I invite you to take immediate action on yet another way to be part of the community.

On October 31st from 3 to 5 p.m., Holy Trinity will host a Trunk or Treat. We will have cars lined up in the parking lot filled with simple decorations and lots of goodies to hand out. Children will go "Trunk or Treating" safely and as a community. How can you help? We need Trunks and we need Treats!

  • Contact the church office or Pastor Katie if you can volunteer to host a trunk.

  • Be on-site with your vehicle by 2:30 p.m.. The event runs from 3 to 5.

  • We have a limited number of decorations if you need some help!

We will see you on-site for Family Sunday School or worship on Sundays or at Wednesday Youth Night (WYN). Stay intentionally connected!

Blessings to you and your household,

Pastor Katie

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