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You are Blessed

I’m writing on a day when the number of new Covid-19 cases in the Corridor are higher than any single day except Aug. 24th, when the number of TV ads, texts, and phone calls related to the coming election seem never-ending, and when it’s not exactly hard to feel anxious!

It seems to me that people of faith need to take both their civic responsibility and their role in keeping their neighbor safe seriously. We are not a private church, but a public one. As such, it’s imperative that each of us make a conscious effort to use our voice and vote to help determine the values and direction of our country and world as a whole. In Luther’s explanation of the commandments not to kill, steal, or bear false witness, he emphasized the need to refrain from such temptations and the need to help our neighbor keep or protect their lives, basic life needs, and reputations. While issues are often complex, those mandates seem to be quite clear, no matter where you find yourself on the social or political spectrum. In other words, Vote if you haven’t already!

As we strive to make an engaging indoor livestream worship experience a reality at Holy Trinity and to help nearly 30 young people grow in their faith through our ministry of confirmation, I find myself with a whole new respect for hospital staff as they face swelling hospitalizations and for teachers as they attempt to share and encourage thinking in these days of pandemic. I am grateful for and concerned for health care workers who, in many cases, have been striving to stay ahead of the curve, even while facing short-term furloughs and financial pressures. If I get tired and impatient about wearing a mask, I can only imagine how they feel about doing so – long before and after a pandemic.

I see and hear amazing stories of teachers working hard over the summer to make virtual learning meaningful and effective. I see them scrambling to learn far more new tools, learning platforms, and portals than I’ve had to learn. I am humbled by an awareness of how many have had to change gears completely as COVID numbers and classroom populations evolve. Many find themselves required to serve not just in their own classrooms, but in several classrooms. Many are doing so with significant risks to their own families and key relationships.

We continue our focus on “Abundance” and cautiously hope to launch our first indoor live-streamed worship service this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. The service will include less than a dozen staff, musicians, and tech volunteers on site, We will practice distancing and utilizing masks and extra ventilation to keep the environment as safe as possible. We’ve been able to overcome a host of technical obstacles in preparation for this event, but are still “getting our land legs” when it comes to practicing tech team communication and roles. Bear with us as we encounter lessons along the way; we’ll use each experience to improve the livestream in coming weeks. Volunteers for some roles are still needed. Shoot me a note if you’d like to serve as a video or audio assistant!

Our pre-recorded worship will still be available on-demand via the website on Sunday morning.

Hope that you can be present with us this weekend in whatever way you can!

Pastor Tim

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