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Maundy Thursday to Easter

In the Gospel of John, chapter 13, we pause as we listen, each with our own on-going story in this very life we live right here and now. We lean into the message of sorrow that breaks free into a new life with great joy.

Jesus was nearing the end of his three years of ministry on earth. Jesus was participating in the Hebrew celebration of freedom from slavery called Passover (v1). Judas was already determined to betray Jesus to the soldiers (v2). Jesus washed their feet (vs4-17). Jesus was known to the people as rabbi, teacher, Lord, and Son of God (vs. 13-14). He told this small group of disciples, followers, his pupils, who were also his friends that he had come to serve, to glorify God in him (v32). He revealed to them that everything he had done and will do was out of love for all of the children of God (vs 34-35).

Let’s stay in that moment of truth for a bit longer. The truth is that, in every step of this journey of Holy Week, Jesus did and does out of love for all the children of God. That includes you and me.

On this very day, in a world that seems to be aching for hope, we listen to the scriptures as Jesus gives of himself to wash the filth off of the feet of his followers, off of your feet, off of all of our feet. Then he takes on the greatest act of grace; he offers his own body and his blood, all of out of an act of selfless love. We hear this message and we are invited to know first-hand the love our God has for all of God’s children.

Oh, how this is a story we need to hear over and over again! We give it space in the busyness of our day so it can resonate with our longing to hear of God’s gift of compassion and mercy. God’s promise of life-everlasting is now our very own story of grace.

You were made for a time just like now, to pause, to be a witness, and receive the love from and through Jesus.

We are called to share this story of God-size hope with those who have not seen, nor tasted, do not yet know, and yet they long to hear the Good News. Our response to this timeless and unlimited amazing story of grace is, “thank you, Jesus.”

Imagine that space of silence; and in the noise where you truly listen to God’s message of hope—that you were made out of love to be loved, to love one another now and always.


Pastor Katie

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